Addition word problems with answers

Harry has used 32 Lego bricks of the same size to build a small hut with. His hut is not complete yet, but his Lego bricks are finished.
If he adds some 7 more, how many Lego bricks will he used to build his hut?

Lego bricks

Having already read 21 pages of her novel, Lisa is already tired. She has just counted the remaining pages to discover that she is still left with 7 pages.
How many pages are there in Lisa’s novel?


Having solved all his math’s exercises, John is certain to have a pass mark in only 8. He is uncertain about the other 11 exercises, because they seem difficult.
How many exercises has John solved altogether?


Mr. Peter teaches in college. There are 12 girls and 6 boys in his class.
How many students are there in Mr. Peter’s class ?


Mary’s grandmother has 11 grandchildren. And now, Mary’s aunt has just given birth to twins.
How many grandchildren does Mary’s grandmother have now?


In preparing for her birthday party, Nelly invites all her 35 classmates and 4 other friends.
How many people is Nelly expecting to see during her birthday?


To make her necklace beautiful, Lily needs some color beads to add to the white ones. As such, she buys 10 blue beads and 9 red beads.
How many color beads will Lily add to the white ones?

color beads



out of 100