Addition word problems with answers

John has 3 cup cakes. If he buys some 4 more. How many cup cakes does he have now ?

Cup cakes

Yesterday, I bought 3 beautiful dresses for my mum. My elder sister has brought some 2 new dresses for my mum again.
how many new dresses does she have now?


If there are 4 oranges in one basket and 2 oranges each in two other baskets
How many oranges are there together ?


In my uncle's restaurant, there are 3 chefs, 4 servers and 1 cleaner
How many Employees are there in my uncle's restaurant ?


Andy caught 3 birds on Monday. Yesterday he caught 2. Today is a good day for him, because he has just caught some 4 more birds. How many birds has Andy caught since Monday ?


Henry drinks 4 litres of water a day. Silas drinks 2 litres more than Henry. How many litres of water does Silas drink a day ?


My uncle loves animals so much.
He has 1 cat in the house. Yesterday He bought some 2 more cats and 2 dogs.
How many animals are there in my uncle’s house presently ?


On her way to school, Cynthia buys 2 pencils and 1 ruler. When she arrives school, she realizes that there were 3 pencils in her bag.
How many pencils does Cynthia have now ?


All the slices of meat Mummy cooked today are finished. I ate 2 slices, Mummy ate 3, daddy ate 5 and Aunty Rose ate 4.
How many slices did Mummy cook ?

Slices of meat

In preparation for her brother’s birthday, Sandra went to the supermarket yesterday and bought the following items; 3 packs of sweets, 4 packs of biscuits and 3 packs of balloons.
How many packs altogether did Sandra buy from the supermarket ?




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