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Fractions Of Whole Numbers Word Problems - Fifth Grade

Fraction of a whole number word problems

Use our fractions of whole numbers word problems 5th grade resource to encourage 5th graders practice solving fraction of a whole number word problems the easiest way. As we know, a fraction is a number that represents a part of a whole.

So here, you will be given stimulating questions, whereby an object will be divided into equal parts for you to write down its fraction representing a part or some parts of that whole. By so doing, you will master which part of a number is a numerator, and which is the denominator.

What is the importance or uses of fractions in real life?

In a bid to learn what is the importance and uses of fractions in real life, simply engage your kids in these fun remarkable fractions of whole numbers word problems 5th grade.

In the first place, we should note that it is only with fraction’s knowledge that you can be able to tell what portion of a whole you have, want, need or is remaining. For instance, having divided a piece of cake into 8 equal parts, you’ve eaten 3 of the parts, what fraction of the cake is left?

Solution: No of equal parts of cake = 8
Parts of cake eaten = 3
჻ Fraction left = No of equal parts of cake - Parts of cake eaten
8 – 3 = 5
Answer = 5/8
Also, we use fractions to tell time, wherein every minute is a fraction of an hour.

Moreover, fractions are greatly used when cooking or baking. Here, knowledge of fractions will tell you what quantity of ingredients you need to use.

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