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Fractions Of A Number Word Problems - Sixth Grade

6th grade fraction of a number word problem

Learn the best way to solve fractions of a number word problems grade 6. As we relate this 6th grade fraction of a number word problem to our real life scenarios, you’ll notice that fractions greatly help to distribute and judge numbers easily and of course make calculations faster.

There are several ways we use fractions in our day to day life without even realizing it, such as splitting a bill while eating at a restaurant, calculating the discounted price of an object on sale, following a recipe, etc.

As such, this resource will shed light as to how these fractions are being used and how they can easily be calculated. This has however been done by designing a whole lot of outstanding real life activities requiring your 6th graders to solve fractions of a number.

As easy as it is, finding fraction of a number is just the same as multiplying the number and the fraction.


Simple tricks for solving 6th grade fractions of a number word problems

Encourage your kids to grab our simple tricks for solving 6th grade fractions of a number word problems.

To begin with, we should never forget to read out a word problem at least twice or more to have a perfect understanding. Having read and understood the problem therefore, write out all the numbers involved in the calculation.

Most at times, you’ll always see “of” written between two numbers, i.e. a fraction and the other number. “of” here simply means multiplication.

Fraction of a number solving steps

First of all, make the whole number a fraction by placing “1” under it, where “1” becomes the denominator and the whole number becomes the numerator.

As such, place the two fractions side by side with a multiplication sign in the middle.

Next, multiply the numerator of the first fraction by the numerator of the second fraction. Likewise, multiply the denominator of the first fraction by the denominator of the second fraction.

Finally, simplify your answer to its lowest term if need be. And if it’s an improper fraction, convert it to a mixed number.

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