Addition up to 10 worksheets for Kindergarten - Learning Addition for Kindergarten

Addition for Kindergarten PDF

Addition up to 10 worksheets for kindergarten are made up of simple but challenging addition math problems which will help your kids to be able to solve, formulate and identify addition sentences up to 10.

This worksheet, is considered a typical learning addition for kindergarten resource because it provides all the techniques necessary for an appropriate understanding of what addition really is, and how to easily approach it.

Addition facts: understanding math words and signs

One of the techniques you’ll find in our addition for kindergarten pdf is the use of different terms other than “addition” in an addition sentence. One of such terms or words can be;

  → 6 plus 2 makes 8. With the knowledge of such words, a child will automatically understand that

6   +   2   =   8, where plus signifies “+”; and makes signifies =”.

Apart from turning words into addition sentences, kids are equally required to sum up two numbers, then put the correct answer.

The only secret here as we can see above is to represent the number of the two addends (6 and 2) with countable objects.

Then, jointly count all the objects and as usual, the last counted object will determine the number of all the objects. Thus your correct answer is “8”.

Mental addition up to 10 fluency - easy math proficiency

Addition up to 10 worksheets for kindergarten is of great importance to kids. This is because it has an awesome technique which help in building a mental addition up to 10 fluency in kids.

As kids continue to add basic numbers, they begin to develop a mental process which enables them to see how two numbers make up 10.

This easy math fluency was partly gotten from our previous worksheets counting to 10 with ten frames.

This easy math proficiency of mentally adding up two numbers to make 10 instigates passion and excitement in our young learners, thus paving a way to go onto adding higher numbers.

For instance, with in innate knowledge that 3 + 7 = 10, and 8 is 1 more than 7, then;

3 + 8 = 10 + 1 =11


Number relationships are the main key math principles that help to reinforce an adequate understanding of adding numbers up to 10.

In our learning addition for kindergarten you will find activities that show how the various numbers in addition up to 10 sentences relate to each other. As a result, your kids will become experts and fluent in mentally addition numbers up to 10.

Example: how do you make 8?

Given a number of addition sentences in each set, kids are supposed to determine which of the addition sentence is equal to 8.

It’s so simple kidos. Let’s now see– how do you make 8? Circle the correct addition sentences

5 + 2       3 + 3       2 + 2       4 + 3       5 + 3

From all the addition sentences above, we need to find out that which makes 8, by;

  • Representing the numbers of all the two addends in each addition sentence with objects.
  • Next, in each addition sentence, jointly count the number of objects to see if its answer is 8.

We will circle only the addition sentence whose number of objects are 8. So let’s begin

5    +    2 = 7                3    +    3 = 6              2    +    2 = 4                   4    +    3 = 7              5      +    3  =  8

Wow! Finally, our correct addition sentence is 5 + 3, so we gonna circle it.

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