Kindergarten math worksheets counting to 5 - Free printable math worksheets count to 5

Learn to count up to 5

Kindergarten math worksheets counting to 5 is an exceptional tool that impact in kids the knowledge of counting with understanding, and above all, the concept of quantification.

In effect, our free printable math worksheets count to 5 greatly stimulates and strengthen kid’s love to learn to count up to 5. It will be really very interesting to notice how the exercises in our learn to count to 5 exercises will excite and drive your kids into the world of math.

Most importantly, a strong counting skill will mold kids progress strongly in math foundation.

More facts about 1 to 5 number recognition exercise for kinders

Apart from encouraging students to show quantities on their fingers, counting with real objects is an excellent way for kids to understand and have an innate number sense skill.

That is why we have enormous designed, colorful and bright objects in our free printable worksheets count to 5 for kids to approach them with enthusiasm and excitement.

An orderly arrangement of objects in sets, will enhance kids ability to subitize, i.e. they will possess the skill of instantly knowing how many objects are in a small group without even counting them.

Quantitative talent: one less - Important math skill

Kindergarten math worksheets counting to 5 greatly inspires kids as it provides them with outstanding quantitative talents: one less.

This quantitative talent, being an important developmental math skill is aimed at teaching kids the idea of counting backward, thereby building in them a good foundation of subtraction.

This is seen when kids are required to determine which set from a multitude has one object less than the principal group.

The very first essential thing here is for kids to be able to recognize and quantify objects 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. With this knowledge, it will be easy for them to easily detect the number of objects one less than the other.

Example: count toys - which group has one less

Count toys – which group has one less is just an admirable and a love-to do exercise. Its technical nature of finding the answer greatly help kids to know the importance of the number “1” in all the numbers.

I.e. given 4 objects, you need an extra 1 object to make 5 objects.

count to 5 example - which group has one less

So 4 objects is one less than 5 objects.  Wow! So here, kids need to;

  • First of all count the number of toys indicated by the arrow  →  1,   2,   3,   4,   5

It's clear that there are 5 toys not so? Good. This actually means that from the orderly count above, if you move backward by one, which is one less than 5, you’ll have 4.

  • With this knowledge in mind, moving below to the various groups of objects, you’ll be looking for that whose number of toys are 4, simply because one less than 5 is 4.
  • There are actually three sets of toys. Each set has its own number of toys. So you can now begin to count the number of toys in each set to see the one with 4 toys.

*The first set has 1, 2 toys. So it is not correct

*The second set has 1, 2, 3, 4. Yeaah! The second set has number of toys one less than 5.

Wow! Excellent. I’ll just tick on the second set with 4 toys. Very easy.

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