Patterns Worksheets for Kindergarten - Pattern Recognition Worksheets for Kinders

Identify and complete the patterns

Patterns worksheets for kindergarten is an admirable key element in the understanding of numbers and math concepts in general. In addition to our pattern recognition worksheets for kinder, is its pretty design, which influence kid’s understanding of skip counting, repeated addition, algebraic reasoning and many more.

As a result, creating, extending, naming, and talking about patterns help build strong mathematicians. Taking into account that patterns is one of early math skills for developing math thinking and understanding, we will require kids to identify and complete the patterns given in every exercise.

Important facts about patterns activities for kinders

To give kids a solid foundation of recognizing patterns, our pattern recognition worksheets for kinders has formulated several different color and shapes patterns exercises.  

Thus, from a given sequential color or shape pattern, kids will use their critical and logical thinking, to aptly observe and tell the next color or shape. In addition to pattern recognition in Patterns worksheets for kindergarten, kids will equally effectuate their understanding of differences in basic shapes and color names.

Enhance kids logical reasoning skill – pattern recognition worksheets for kinders

Patterns worksheets for kindergarten greatly enhance kid’s logical reasoning skill.

Here, kid’s will need to use their reasoning skills to make predictions and logically connect the occurrence of each pattern from one to the other.

In our pattern recognition worksheets for prekinders, kids will come across new and simple patterns, which repeats with only one or two elements. It is for this reason that our pattern worksheets for kindergarten has designed colorful and visual patterns for kids to easily observe and predict what comes next.

Example: what comes next? Circle the correct picture

It’s very easy to identify the smallest bee. This is because the difference in their sizes is very clear. Following in each case, circle the one that is smallest, kids are meant to circle only the object that is very tiny compared to the others, such as   →

patterns worksheets for kinders example

If we look keenly, we’ll notice that the sequence of shapes goes one after the other, as follows;

 Star → triangle → star → triangle → star.     

so, what comes next?


From the smaller box, you’ve got to circle the correct picture, what comes next? i.e. star or triangle?

Following the pattern of shapes, we’ll realize that after the star, comes the triangle. If the sequence ends in star, our next shape will of course be the triangle, so we circle thus Triangle.

Wow! It’s just soooo perfect and simple

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