Printable Fraction Worksheets for Kindergarten - Free Fraction Worksheets Pdf

Fraction vocabulary for Kindergarten

Fraction is a subsequent skill kids must acquire after having a full grips of what whole numbers are. As an essential math skills, printable fraction worksheets for kindergarten are of vital importance to kids as it shapes their knowledge and understanding of what a fraction really means.

Important facts about fraction for Kinders

Given that fractions represent equal parts of a whole, our free fraction worksheet pdf are made up of simple shapes divided in equal and unequal fractional parts.

This beginning fractional concept is aimed at helping kids to easily know and thus identify shapes with equal parts only.

As they do this, they are actually building an excellent foundation to a perfect understanding of fractions. Equally important, our Fraction vocabulary for kindergarten, consist of a marvelous approach which will help kids to have an easy mastery of fractional words such as halves, thirds and fourths

Fractions is one of kid’s first experiences beyond the knowledge of addition and subtraction. Notwithstanding, this printable fraction worksheets for kindergarten will help kids overcome the greatest challenge of manipulating fractions, and as well understand how numbers interact. Consequently, they’ll grab the concept of division at their fingertips.

Best fun fraction activities for kinders – foundational block for advanced math

Ooops, it’s all about fun and easy math from kindergarten to higher heights. As parents engage their kids in this best fun fraction activities for kinders, they are in essence laying a foundational block for advanced math.

Being fluent in fraction vocabulary for kindergarten enhances and prepares kids for huge success in higher math’s concepts, such as algebra, geometry, highest common factor, lowest common multiple and many others.

“Hey kids, do you even realize that you use fractions in your daily lives? Not sure I think” just imagine that you want to equally share 1 cake with your friend. An equal share will therefore mean that each person will obtain only half.

kindergarten math worksheets - fraction example - share a cake between two kids

This fun fraction vocabulary for kindergarten activity builds confidence in kids and a quest for further learning. Given the exercise below, we’ll therefore determine which shapes are halves, thirds or fourths.

Example: halves, thirds and fourths - Which shape shows thirds?

It is very easy to understand the concept of halves, thirds and fourths. Considering the fact that they are very basic concepts, kids simply need to have in mind that;

  • halves signify two (2) parts
  • Thirds signify three (3) parts
  • Fourths signify four (4) parts

So following our question which shape shows thirds? We’ll look for the shape that is divided into 3 parts.

kindergarten math worksheets - fraction example - show thirds

We have placed a tick on the first shape, because it has been divided into 3 parts, thus “thirds”.

Wow! Just so awesome and very simple.

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