4th Grade Algebra Worksheets PDF - Expressions and Variables 4th Grade

4th Grade Algebra Word Problems

Your 4th grader will become an algebra expert as he/she engages in our remarkable 4th grade algebra worksheets pdf. These expressions and variables 4th grade exercises have been created to help kids master the basics of algebra in an easy and most exciting way. Amongst our exciting algebra exercises are 4th grade algebra word problems, write variable expressions, evaluate variable expressions, write variable expressions to represent word problems and solve variable equations.

Important facts about algebra for 4th graders

  • Our algebraic word problems are very interesting tools of study for kids. This is because we have endeavoured to carefully combine the relationship between a given quantity and the unknown.

    This amazing strategy will help kids to gain an accurate understanding of easy writing the equation, then solving for the unknown.

    How important is algebra in math and in real life?

    Many kids may be wondering how important is algebra in math and in real life.

    Oh yes! Our 4th grade algebra worksheets pdf is here to illustrate the importance of algebra both in math and in real life.

    Firstly, being an important math concept, proficiency in algebraic thinking will help to boast understanding other math concepts such as math patterns, relations, functions and the ability to analyse change in many context.

    Secondly, learning algebra will greatly help our young ones to develop astonishing critical thinking skills, which encompasses problem solving, logic and reasoning.

    For instance, “you just communicated with your friend and you two intend to meet in 5 hours. It’s been 2 hours since you people communicated. How many hours are remaining for you two to meet?”

    → It’s very simple. Using your critical thinking skills, you’ll first of all need to write an equation, then solve for the unknown. The unknown being the number of hours left can be represented by a variable “b”.

    Your equation can thus be:    5 – 2 = b        OR     2 + b = 5    →  so what is the value of b?

    Good! Where you can agree with me that since 2 + b = 5  →  2 – 2 + b = 5 – 2

    Since, 2 – 2 = 0     and    5 - 2 = 3… we have b = 3.

    So, it remind 3 hours before you meet your friend.

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