Classifying Triangles Worksheets Grade 4 - Properties of Quadrilateral Worksheets for 4th Grade

4th Grade Geometry Worksheets with Answers: Properties of Triangle and Quadrilateral

Super fun ways of classifying triangles worksheets grade 4, and guiding kids on the use of vocabulary that will allow them to fluently talk about kinds of triangle. Bearing in mind that a quadrilateral is a four-sided plane figure, our properties of quadrilateral worksheets for 4th grade will help kids to fluently examine the interrelationship of quadrilateral figure.

For instance; a square is a rectangle because it has all the properties of a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square.

So, in a bid to develop young learners’ spatial thinking, logical reasoning and visualisation skills, our 4th grade geometry worksheets with answers: properties of triangle and quadrilateral, have designed very clear and concrete types of quadrilaterals and triangles.

This is so to enhance a mastery of the importance and types of triangle and quadrilaterals which are an important part of math and geometry.

Important facts about triangles and quadrilaterals skills for 4th graders

Quick understanding geometric properties of triangles and relationship between quadrilaterals

Below are simple strategies helpful for quick understanding geometric properties of triangles and relationship between quadrilaterals.

Unlike triangles where focus will be laid only on its types and classification, there are more properties associated to quadrilaterals. One of such amazing aspect is that it can have parallel opposite sides that never meet.

Now, beginning with types of triangles, we have;

  • isosceles : Has 2 equal sides ;
  • equilateral : All sides are equal ;
  • scalene : No side is equal ;
  • Right triangle : Has only one right angle of 900 ;
  • obtuse : 1 angle greater than 900 ;
  • acute : All angles are less than 900 ;
  • equiangular : All interior angles are equal.


Next, as far as relationships between quadrilaterals are concerned, all you’ve got to note here is that;

  • Rectangles, rhombuses and squares are all parallelograms
  • A square is always a rectangle and a type of rhombus
  • Trapezoids and kites are not parallelograms
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