Equivalent Fractions Worksheets 4th Grade Pdf - Ordering Fractions with the Same Numerator Worksheet

Comparing Fractions with Like Denominators Worksheets 4th Grade

Awesome equivalent fractions worksheets 4th grade pdf for your kids to easily recognize and generate equivalent fractions as well as to compare and order them. These ordering fractions with the same numerator worksheet will offer your kids exciting strategies to instantly determine which fraction is least or greatest. Given that these fractions have same numerators and unlike denominators, the only secret here will be for them to first of all find a common denominator, before ordering.

Unlike fractions with different denominators, it is very easy when comparing fractions with like denominators worksheets 4th grade. Here, there’s no need finding a common denominator, because the denominators are all the same.

So, when comparing to find out which fraction is smaller and which is larger, simply look at the numerators.

Important facts about equivalent fractions skills for 4th graders

Why is it important to master equivalent fractions concept at an early age?

You may have already asked yourself the question: Why is it important to master equivalent fractions concept at an early age?

Kids can only proficiently operate with fractions only when they have a full gasp of equivalent fractions. Hence, it is very important to master equivalent fractions concept at an early stage.

In this light, our equivalent fractions worksheets 4th grade pdf have formulated exciting exercises with extremely beautiful models and concrete representations like number lines to help kids visualise, thus easily understand fraction’s size and number of parts.

In effect, the representations used to compare fractions will help kids to strengthen their number sense about fraction’s sizes.

Also, mastering equivalent fractions is very important when learning how to add and subtract fractions.

In addition, comparing fractions can help us compare several items that may not all be the same size. So, by finding a common denominator, we change our fractions so that the items will be much easier to compare.

Even in our daily lives from cooking and carpentry to sports and sewing, we can't escape fractions. This is one reason why most of our exercises are characterized by every day word problems and comparing fractions in recipes.

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