2D Shapes Worksheets for Grade 4 Pdf - Identifying Polygons Worksheets Pdf

Line Segment Worksheets for 4th Grade

Easy exploring 2D shapes and their attributes with 2D shapes worksheets for grade 4 pdf. Engaging in these remarkable identifying polygons worksheets pdf will enable kids to understand that two dimensional shapes have only two dimensions. Also, identifying and describing polygons by comparing and contrasting them with figures that are not polygons is our main concern.

In another interesting way, our line segment worksheets for 4th grade has been specially designed to offer kids a mastery of identifying shapes by their lines and angles.

Important facts about 2D shapes skills for 4th graders

Learning 2D shapes is key for future math learning of geometry and measurement skills.

In fact, mastery of these shapes will enhance kid’s vocabulary with words like side, corner, angle, vertex, straight, line, points, rays etc.

Best 2d shapes skills for 4th graders - easy identifying polygons, congruent shapes and parts of a circle

Outstanding resource designed to offer your kids best 2D shapes skills for 4th graders – easy identifying polygons, congruent shapes and parts of a circle.

As we know, 2D shapes can be described and categorised by their geometric properties. In this light, our 2D shapes worksheets for grade 4 pdf have formulated awesome exercises that will allow kids to reason, communicate and freely express their skills on 2D shapes both in math and in the society.

Some of these exercises include: identifying number of sides in polygons; points, lines, line segments, rays, and angles; parallel, perpendicular and intersecting lines; identify congruent figures and parts of a circle.

Tips for easy identifying polygons, congruent shapes and parts of a circle


  • Have at least 3 sides (known as line segments or edges) and angles
  • Are a closed plane (2D) figure
  • Have straight line segments (no curves!)

Congruent shapes;

Shapes are congruent if they are identical in shape and size – even if this requires one shape being rotated or reflected.

Parts of a circle;

There are diameter, radius, chord, center





It cuts the circle exactly in half and goes through the centre.

It is half the length of the diameter and is joined to the centre at one end.

It is a straight line inside the circle that touches the circumference at 2 points but does not touch the centre of a circle.

The middle of a circle, usually indicated by a dot or point.

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