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> Mixed Operations Word Problems

Basic math operations and their key words.

Apart from carefully reading a given word problem to understand, you equally need to sort out key words or phrases that will indicate a particular operation. Thus, below a table of some basic math operations and their key words.

Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division
sum less than times split
plus more than total each
and decrease of cut
total reduce per equal pieces
increase difference as much average
more remain twice every
raise minus by out of
both dropped area ratio
combined near volume shared
altogether balance product quotient

divisibility rules, division facts up to 12, dividing multi digit numbers by 1 digit, dividing whole numbers ending in zeroes, dividing 2 digit numbers and 3 digit numbers by 2 digit number, dividing 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers word problems grade 5, dividing decimals; fractions, etc.

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