First Grade Math Skills: Games, Worksheets, Word Problems - Grade 1 Math activities

Grade 1 Lessons, exercises, worksheets & Games

New and advanced ways of learning math are usually introduced as Kinders move to first grade. Our outstanding resource will therefore provide first graders with fantastic first grade math skills: games, worksheets, word problems that will ease their understanding of math.

These grade 1 math activities are intended to provide very basic, fun and simple ways for kids to apply when solving math problems.


Amongst these countless fun math activities are well exemplified and explicit grade 1 lessons, exercises, worksheets & games. With all these different fun learning strategies, kids will not only tend to love and enjoy math lessons, but will be encouraged to relate math to their real lives.

Math is a foundational stone to understanding the world. Also, being a universal language, it is very important for kids to have a general knowledge of basic math concepts at an early age.

Consequently, these first graders can however be pleased to boast of the above mentioned achievements as they engage fully in our awesome grade 1 lessons, exercises, worksheets & games.

Develop math skills - Fun grade 1 lessons, exercises, worksheets & games

First graders can easily develop math skills as they engage in our fun grade 1 lessons, exercises, worksheets & games. Most of these grade 1 math activities involve playful techniques that will build strong math skills and mental agility in young learners.

In an effort to bring out math stress from kids, we have initiated the idea of solving short and simple math equations regularly and in multiple exciting ways. A whole lot of these math activities include;

Counting and numbers, addition, subtraction, mixed operations, comparing, estimation, place value, spatial sense, data and graph, measurement, patterns, probability, sorting and classifying, time, 2D and 3D shapes, and fractions.

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