Hero Shepherd printable number matching cards: 1-10 Number memory game for kids

1 to 10 number recognition matching cards

Hero shepherd printable number matching cards is an amazing tool used to enhance the knowledge of counting and number- to - quantity matching proficiency in kids. This our number 1 – 10 memory game for kids will develop in them a concentration skill and a good retentive memory during the matching process.

Hence, in this game, kids will have to match the number symbols in words, in figures as well as with the actual amount in quantity that they represent.

In line with this, 1 to 10 number recognition matching cards have a huge impact in the understanding of basic number math concepts, thus an actual tool that prepare kids for advanced math.

How to take benefit of Hero Shepherd printable number matching cards

In the 1 to 10 number recognition matching cards, there are 3 cards per figure number. In other words, there are three cards in the number 1; three cards in the number two and so on and so forth.

Given for example a number “2” card, each of its matching three cards will contain; the figure number (2), word number (two) and quantity of sheep (2 sheep)

Math matching game, beneficial elements for kid’s – kid’s best 1 to 10 number memory game

Math matching game has a good number of beneficial elements for kids. It does not only provide kids with an important classification skill, but it equally helps them identify same elements based on their common properties.

In addition to its beneficial elements, kid’s best 1 to 10 memory game improve concentration in kids, train their visual memory and as well increase attention to numeric details.

Example: 1–10 number memory game for kids.

 It is very easy to play our fun 1-10 number memory game for kids. The cards are so colorful and boldly formed, so as to be recognized easily by every kid. It requires just one player at a time.

Immediately when the cards have been printed, the player can thus commence the game.

The cards are numbered 0 to 10, so it is played thus;

  • Firstly, all the cards are mixed together and placed on a board.
  • Secondly if a child picks a figure number card for example 4, then he has to carefully search for its word number card (four). When he finds it, he’ll then match with the first card he picked.
  • Next, he’ll equally search for number 4’s equivalent quantity, i.e. the card with 4 sheep. Wow! It’s so easy to find. So as usual, match this card with the other two cards you had earlier selected. This however gives a total of three cards per number.

The same procedure applies to all the other numbers. As a result, you’ll notice that each number group     is made up of three matching cards.

This is a love to play, fun and educative game for all kids.

Enjoy!!!                                Enjoy!!!                                Enjoy!!!

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