Hero Shepherd numbers up to 10 matching pairs cards printable

Match up figures and quantities up to 10

Hero shepherd numbers up to 10 matching pairs cards printable is a super amazing lively game for kids. Our purpose here is for kids to have an in-depth number sense skill. This game has a very high potential in not only learning numbers in figures, but also in words and quantity.

The most interesting thing in this game is that it’s a hands – on two players’ game, in which they are supposed to match up figures and quantities up to 10. This however enhances much concentration in kids and as well train and guide their visual memory.

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How to take benefit of Hero Shepherd numbers up to 10 matching pairs cards printable game for kids

The Hero shepherd numbers up to 10 matching pairs cards printable are of extreme educational benefits to kids. As they match up each number figure to its quantity, their number and pattern recognition skills are greatly strengthened.

Moreover, this game will equally enhance kid’s cognitive skills considering the fact that figures in the cards have been brightly and beautifully designed with assorted colors.

Keep the fun – match up figures and quantities up to 10

To keep the fun in our match up figures and quantities up to 10 game, there should be two players. This interactive aspect of the game is of vital sociological comfort to kids.

This is because even though the game is competitive, kid’s interaction is a friendly and educative one.

As there are 0 to 10 figure number cards, there are equally 0 to 10 word number cards with their equivalent quantities (sheep), giving a total of 22 cards. This means that each figure number card has its pair with the number of sheep cards. This will make the matching game clear, straightforward and uncomplicated.

In addition to the 22 cards, there is one extra “trapped card”, thus giving a total of 23 cards. This “trapped card” is of great importance in this game because its role determines who the hero shepherd of the game is. Do you wish to know “why” and “how”? Ok! then follow the example below.

Enjoy playing the game – Hero shepherd numbers up to 10 matching pairs cards printable

  1. For an immense excitement in the hero shepherd numbers up to 10 matching pairs cards printable, the first thing you’ve got to do is to print all the 23 cards out. Good! Let’s continue……..
  2. Next, make sure there are two players, one seated opposite the other. One good thing here is that this game can be played anywhere. It requires no extra equipment. You need just the two players and the cards.
  3. Thirdly, the cards are mixed altogether and shared between the two players. Since there 23 cards, it’s obvious that one player will have 11 cards, while the other player will be left with 12 cards. All the cards have a uniform design at the back, so each player will definitely hold all his cards with the inner contents facing him.
  4. Any player can begin playing.
    • The first player begins by picking up just one card from his opponent, if it’s a number figure, then, he’ll match it with its equivalent quantity from his own set of cards.
    • But if the card picked from his opponent consist of quantity, i.e. “number of sheep”, he will definitely compare with his own cards to see if he is in hold of that number’s figure.
    • If he has the figure, he will immediately match the two cards then keeps aside transparently.
    • If he does not have an appropriate matching card, he’ll just have to join that picked card with his.
  5. The next player however continues the game following the same procedure above. It should be noted that this game has to be played with much focus and attention, to make sure that you have a card to match your opponent’s card with.
  6. Huh! To the most amazing part of the game, we’ve got the “trapped card”. Hey! No one can wish to be in possession of this particular card. For sure, “yes”. This is because at the end of the game, one of the two players will be left with this particular card, because it had NO MATCH. If this card is left with your opponent, then you’ve won the game, and definitely, you are a Herooo. The reverse is of course true.

“Do you want to become a young hero shepherd?”

“Of course yes. Hurry, print, enjoy, have fun – best matching number card game for your kids.

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