Babies and Toys coded tracks game - Pre-K Free printable logic game

Coded track logical thinking game

Baby’s and toys coded track game is an amazing exceptional game that give kids an accurate logical reasoning skill. About the pre-k free printable logic game, there are numerous toys for kids. But then, each and every kid has an interest in a particular toy.

The situation here therefore is that, for a kid to obtain his desired toy, he has to follow a particular track, which is however in a twisted manner. As such, he has to be very careful as he moves along to make sure it’s the correct way. Hey! This of course is so fun.

Our main objective therefore in this coded track logical game is to impact an auto critical skill in kids, whereby a kid can be able to turn back whenever he realizes that his direction isn’t the right one.

In a more advanced way, our pre-k free printable logic game will greatly mold the knowledge of shapes and colors in kids.

This is because our coded track in the coded track logical thinking game is made up of very beautiful and attractive colors with shapes. These colors and shapes are of course the codes in which the kid has to pass through to get to his destination.

How to take benefit of Coded Tracks Game for kids

Develop multiple skills - best logic game for kids

Our objective in the Baby’s and toys coded track game is to help kids develop multiple skills at an instance.

 Among these skills are logical reasoning, auto critical skill, a good observational and concentrative skill, all these paving a way to an excellent basic math skill. In addition, this game is considered the best logic game for kids because kids learn how to approach problems systematically.

This is seen where a kid has to first of all learn how to keep on to a track, i.e. following step by step which shape or color comes next.

Items needed to enjoy the game – baby’s and toys coded tracks game

The baby’s and toys coded tracks game is very interesting and easy to play. Huh! It’s fun. Carefully follow the steps below to enjoy playing your fun game. Moreover, there are some few items needed to enjoy the game;

  • Now, the first thing that needs to be done in this game is to laminate the game’s main page, entitled ‘I need a toy’. This is done so that when a kid links up his coded track with an erasable felt pen, the page can easily be erased with a sponge, so as to be reused.
  • Secondly, the other page is made up of a great number of coded tracks, connecting a kid through the path directly to a particular toy. Here, even though these tracks are found on one page, each piece of track can be separated from the other by cutting, following dotted lines. These dotted lines are there to ease the cutting into pieces.
  • Thirdly, you need an erasable felt pen. Yes! That pen in particular, so that it can be easily wiped off when used on the main laminated page.
  • Lastly, you need a sponge, so as to wipe off the path you traced with the erasable felt pen before obtaining your toy.

Example – can you give me this toy please

How to play the coded track logical thinking game

Our pre-k free printable logic game is a number 1 fantastic fun game that will bring excitement to our little ones.

A kid is interested in a particular toy, then says “can you give me this toy please”. So, to fully enjoy this game, you’ll be described below how to play the coded track logical thinking game. It entails just a keen attention to follow the correct path that will lead to your desired toy.

  • Firstly, a laminated page will be placed before you, with a number of codes placed haphazardly. Also available on that page are kids on one side and different toys on the other side of the page.
  • Secondly, having pointed to the toy you need, you’ll be given a piece of paper containing the direct coded track you’ll follow in the main page to obtain your desired toy.
  • Thirdly, you’ll now move on to the main page, - hey, that which was laminated. There, already holding your erasable felt pen, use it to carefully trace the coded track to obtain the toy you need. Hmmm! Hope you are being guided by the piece of direct coded track you have at hand
  • Next,  the coded track may for instance require that you trace from the;
    Kid, - pink pentagon - red star, - small circle, - green star, - green pentagon and finally to your desired toy.
  • If you are focused, you’ll at all times obtain your desired toy as we’ve done above. So to say, its very simple.

One more important thing to note here is that, each time you miss your track, as smart as you are, immediately wipe it off with your sponge, and then continue following the correct track.

This in effect builds an awesome auto critical skill in kids as they can easily recognize their errors, then find solutions immediately.

Recreational game for kids – full version of Baby’s and toys coded track game

Our pre-k free printable logic game is the best recreational game for kids.

10 out of 100 coded tracks of this game provided below can be printed free of charge, for kid’s amusement.

If you are interested in the full version of baby’s and toys coded track game, for more fun, click here

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