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Word Search Puzzles : Improve kids spelling skill

Word search puzzles are a fantastic entertaining game for kids. Honestly, this game is one of toddlers funniest games, because it does not only bring much joy to kids, but it has a special and fun technique of improving their spelling skills.

It is therefore of vital importance that parents should engage their kids in this word search puzzles, I bet you they will be surprised at their kid’s speedy improvement and exposure to new vocabulary each day.


It is evidently true that kids of different parts of the world have a mastery of their alphabet, particularly their language.

As a result, our word search puzzles gives opportunity for kids of several different areas of the world to be fully engaged in, as it is made up of different languages such as English, French, Italy, German Spanish and Portuguese. Moreover, considering the fact that every kid is engaged in this game, they are likely to develop many language skills, by searching particular word items, in different languages.

The game word search puzzles: improve kids spelling skill is simply made up of letters arranged in the grid.

Actually, these words seem to make no meaning at first sight. However, the game becomes extremely interesting and exciting in less than no second as kids begin to trace particular word items. Ahaa, they become so delightful to notice that those letters actually contain a number of hidden words displaced in various directions.

Example - select language and search word

Olalaaaa! The most wonderful game ever. Encourage your kids to improve on their spelling skills in our word search puzzles game.

As the game is set for you to select language and search word, several flags representing different countries are displayed to you. So you gonna select a country's language of your choice.

  • English
  • Italian

Hey, let’s choose English ok, by clicking on the first flag representing England.

  • Secondly, you will now select the category of words you wish to search at the moment. From the many categories displayed, let's select animals.
    [Alligator, ant, bird, camel, deer dog, eagle etc.]
  • Thirdly, before the puzzle displays itself, you'll be guided on how to play this game.
  • The secret therefore when playing this game is that if you are searching a word for instance bird, you need to first of all

* Look for the initial letter of the word bird. [So you’ll look for where letter ‘b’ is found].

* Next, since there are many letter [b’s], you’ll now search up, down, forward, backward and diagonal to see if the next letter after the letter ‘b’ is the second, third, and fourth letters of the word b – i – r – d

Let's search and trace the word bird below

[An example of how the word bird is searched and traced]

Yupyyyy. Yes! Its soooo easy. You are eager to search another word, not so?

Continue the search until you gain less time than when you began. Hope you can see the clock ticking above as you play, so hurry up.

Have much fun as you enjoy your toddlers funniest games.

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