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  1. Multiplication

    1. Multiplication of whole numbers word problems
    2. Multiply numbers ending in zeros word problems
    3. Multiply three or more numbers word problems
    4. Whole numbers multiplication online practice -Multiplying whole numbers Worksheets 6th Grade
    5. Multiplying whole numbers with four or more digits
    6. Multiplying numbers that end in zero Grade 6
    7. Multiplying three or more numbers
    8. Estimating products grade 6 - Online practice and worksheets
  2. Division

    1. Division of numbers word problems
    2. Divide decimal by whole number word problems
    3. Dividing whole numbers ending in zeros word problems
    4. Divisibility rule skills for Grade 6
  3. Fractions And Mixed Numbers

    1. Understanding fractions word problems
    2. Comparing fractions word problems
    3. Adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators word problems
    4. Adding And Subtracting Fractions With Unlike Denominators Word Problems
    5. Adding and subtracting with mixed numbers word problems
    6. Understanding Fractions As Division Word Problems
    7. Fractions of a number word problems
    8. Multiplying fractions word problems
    9. Multiplying mixed numbers word problems
    10. Dividing fractions and mixed numbers word problems
    11. Compare fractions with like and unlike denominator 6th Grade
  4. Addition And Subtraction Online Practice And Worksheets

    1. Add and subtract whole numbers word problems
    2. Adding and subtracting decimals word problems
    3. Additions of decimals 6th grade
    4. Subtractions of decimals 6th grade
    5. Add and subtract fractions with same denominator Grade 6
    6. Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators Grade 6
  5. Mixed Operations

    1. Adding subtracting multiplying and dividing whole numbers word problems
    2. Adding subtracting multiplying and dividing decimals word problems
    3. Adding subtracting multiplying and dividing fractions word problems
    4. Add subtract multiply or divide two fractions
  6. Numbers Theory

    1. Greatest common factor word problems
    2. Lowest common multiple word problems
    3. GCF and LCM word problems – Grade 6
  7. Solving And Estimation

    1. Estimation word problems
    2. Multi step word problems
  8. Whole Numbers

    1. Adding and subtracting whole numbers 6th grade
    2. Write numbers from words to digits in grade 6
    3. Write numbers from digits to words 6th grade online practice
    4. Roman numerals questions for 6th graders pupils
  9. Add And Subtract Fractions

    1. Add and subtract mixed numbers Grade 6
  10. Divide Fractions

    1. Divide numbers and unit fractions 6th grade
    2. Divide fractions by whole numbers in recipes 6th grade
    3. Divide fractions 6th grade
    4. Divide fractions and mixed numbers 6th grade