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Maze Game : Find the labyrinth exit

One amazing game that ameliorate kids learning skill is the maze game for kids.

This toddlers funniest games is not only funny, but it is also very easy to play. As kids struggle to remain at the right path to find their way out, they are in essence working to develop a sense of focus on themselves.

Notwithstanding, the maze game: find the labyrinth exit embed into kids an excellent critical thinking skill. This is because they rely mostly on their logical reasoning as they plan and strategize on various ways to find the labyrinth exit.


Maze game for kids as one of toddler’s funniest games also provide kids with a very important skill referred to as self-awareness.

It excels itself in the process when kids are finding the labyrinth exit.

Here, immediately when a kid misses his way out, he instinctively turns back to another supposed right direction.

This skill is therefore aimed at helping our little ones to easily recognize their errors and thus can identify what they need to do, to complete a task. Hence, they are likely to be aware not only of the game’s challenges, but also of their interest and strengths in completing a tsk in less than the given time.

Example - Hilarious game just for you - maze games for kids

Hellooo kids, we’ve got another hilarious game just for you. It is so easy and interesting to play. You need to develop just an accurate strategic thinking. Actually, this maze game for kids is made up of 3 difficulty levels;      

  1. EASY

-At the beginning, it is advisable that you choose the 1st level, which is EASY.

-Next, before the game begins, you are expected to use the 4-arrow keys of the key board to move the small ball through the directions on the labyrinth.

Okay, it is time for you to begin playing.

Hey kids, let me whisper to you a secret to easily find your way out and in order to prevent mistakes.


 [Have you seen the exit point down the labyrinth? Good! Now, using your finger, touch and trace up from that exit point, till where the ball is.]

 This will help you have a retentive memory of the correct direction as you move along.]

As you move along the labyrinth, remember that you are being timed. If you glance down, you’ll notice the TIME counting from 90 seconds downwards such as 90, 89, 88, 87, 86… Therefore, you need to find the labyrinth exist very fast before the time reaches 0, if not, you will score a zero.

BRAVO! BRAVO! You are a smart kid. Hurry up ok, & obtain best scores before your time runs down to 0.

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