Cat and Mice numbers math game for kids - Printable number puzzle matching game

Match up numbers' words with figures and quantities

Cat and mice numbers math game for kids is an exciting fun game that will keep your kids at all times in a joyful mood. Basing on the fact that children learn as they play, this game is a highly educative one. In view of this, it is a printable number puzzle matching game, which will help kids in reinforcing the concept of numbers’ words with figures and quantity relationship.

Having used a cat and mice story, we have the best well-designed puzzle strategy that will enable kids easily learn match up numbers’ words with figures and quantity. The significance of this story will absolutely develop basic number math concepts in our little ones.

How to take benefit of Cat and Mice numbers math game for kids

As far as parts of our printable number puzzle matching game are concerned, there are numbers 1 to 20. Each number is made up of four parts which include; a cat with a figure number written on it, number in quantity of mice, ten frames and numbers’ word.

When the game is printed, these parts are cut into separate pieces. As such, the player is expected to put these pieces together in a logical way as they were. By so doing, he’ll be matching up numbers’ words with figures and quantities. Thus an advance knowledge in numbers’ word, figure and quantity.

The ten frames parts is of so much importance to kids. This is because it is used to build an awesome number sense skill, which can help kids gain mental math fluency. In addition, they also help to form the basis for understanding place value in the future.

Best story puzzle cat and mice number game for kids

To avoid math frustration from early learners, it is important to engage them in fun math games. It is for this reason that we have provided among many games, the best story puzzle cat and mice number game for kids.

This story is one of laughter, suspense and an inner sense of enthusiasm. Let’s see more of this in the example below.

Example – logically match up numbers’ words with figures and quantity

The easiest way to logically match up numbers’ words with figures and quantity is to first of all pay much focus and attention to the figure number written on the cat and its other parts. The puzzle’s parts are then cut following the line that has separated one part from the other. At this stage, the player should be ready to begin playing his game.

If he picks up a cat bearing the number 1 for instance, he should;

  • Search well to see that the part to be fitted next to the cat is ONE mouse.
  • Next, the part to be fitted down below the cat, are ten frames with only ONE OBJECT.
  • Finally, the part to be fitted next to the ten frames and below the rat is a figure number

Hmmm wow! Sure you’ve noticed that everything around cat number 1 cat is ONE, ONE, and ONE.

Very good. Same thing applies with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 up to 20. You just need to note that as the first image is the cat; next to it are mice; then below the cat are ten frames; and next to the ten frames is that numbers’ word.

Story line - Cat and mice numbers math game for kids

The story line in our Cat and mice numbers math game for kids as said earlier on, is one of fun and enthusiasm.

  • If you follow keenly from cat number 1, you’ll realize that one mouse has come out of its hole to spy something.
  • Moving to cat number 2, the number of mouse has also increased to two mice. This time, there is a trap with cheese on it. The mice actually wish to obtain this cheese, but are afraid of the cat who is seated beside the trap and might consume any mouse caught in the trap.
  • As the figure numbers on the cat increase by 1, so too are the mice. Now you’ll always notice an additional one mouse. After 2 mice, the next will be 3, then 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 mice spying and couching the first one to go and take the cheese from the trap.
  • Hey! With cat number 9 and 9 mice, that first mouse succeeds in grabbing the cheese. The cat is struggling to get hold of the mouse, but unfortunately as we see in…………………
  • Cat number 10 and now 10 mice, the mouse that has collected the cheese has not been caught by the trap, nor the cat. He is rushing back happily with the cheese on his hand. The rest of the 9 mice are also very happy for their brother’s success. For sure, all the mice hope to have a share of this delicious cheese. All the cat’s hope are lost as he does not succeed in catching the mouse.

Hope you are having fun. Excellent. The story continues from cat number 11 to 20.

To enjoy the full story, click here.

Hurry, obtain the full version and enjoy the whole story.

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