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Guess Who : Find the character I have in mind

Guess who game is a fun online games for kids. This game is so interesting and interactive, as it requires two players. Moreover, it has a huge impact on a child's cognitive development.

For instance, when kids begin to think critically, they often have the ability to predict, thereby having a high chance of accomplishing positive results at the end.


Considering the many characters on board in this game, you are expected to guess who : find the character I have in mind. This brings about much focus to kids, due to the guided questions asked about the physical appearance of each character.

It is very easy for kids to be engaged in the guess who game.

This is because every kid finds it very interesting, and wish to be enthralled in it. One reason is also because, kids find it very amusing to note people's physical appearances, especially those that are funny and abnormal. Indeed, the game guess who: find the character I have in mind has as much of abnormal physical appearances of characters as possible. This however is an obvious tip for kids to love to play the guess who game.

Example - find the character I have in mind

Wow! This is a very interesting and fun game that attracts every kid. YOU as a player is playing with the CPU ok.

Now, given many characters, you will choose your own character, which is unknown to the CPU. Likewise, the CPU will equally choose its own character which is unknown to you, then you will be expected to guess and find the character I have in mind.

There are a series of questions that will help you guess who its own character is. The steps below are going to guide you easily play this game;

  • Firstly, you will click on play for the game to begin, then quickly choose your own character.

Secondly, in order to guess who the CPU's character is, follow gradually the questions on the box below so as to predict and thus accomplish your task. One of such questions is;

Guess who game - fun online games for kids

[You select the above question by clicking on the tick besides the question box.]

Very good! This question is good enough for you to guess if its character is male or not, considering the fact that characters are either male or female. As such, if its character is male, it will eliminate all female. Likewise, if its character is female, it will eliminate all male characters.

  • Thirdly, the CPU will also ask you a question about your own character, but on a different box. One of such questions is
Guess who game - fun online games for kids - CPU turn

It's so simple, isn’t it? Since your character is visible to everyone, the truth needs to be told. If the correct answer to the question asked is YES, you click sign yes , and if it's NO, you click sign no

  • Lastly, the process of questioning continues, as its now your turn to answer. The CPU will continue eliminating every character that is not his own, until the correct one remains.

[You need to be very smart at guessing which one is its character, if not it will answer all your questions before you. As such, you will be defeated.]

Wow! Its such an interesting, but challenging game. Thus, the more kids play, the more they become experts and will however be first to accomplish every given task.

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