Road Numbers Math training game - Pre-K Free printable Road Numbers game

Understand the way to trace digit from 0 to 9

Learning to write numbers is a key skill that gives kids an excellent foundation for math skills in later years. In regards to this, road numbers math training game is a super interesting game that offers early beginners the best approach to trace digits 0-9.

We however have pre-k free printable numbers game made up of hands on activities that will enable kids easily understand the way to trace digits from 0 to 9.

As a result, all they need do is hold a little car, then gradually follow the track of a particular number from start, the green light, to stop, the red light. By so doing, they will have an in-depth sense of how shapes of numbers 0 to 9 are formulated.

Considering the fact that this road numbers math training to trace digits is a game, kids will be overwhelmed to be engaged in it. Most kids love to play with toy cars. This is why we have made this pre- k free printable road numbers game 1 – 5 an immediate response to the interest of every kid.

How to take benefit of Road Numbers Math for kids

Training pattern - trace digits from 0 to 9

Road numbers math training game has an easy training pattern that brings about an immanent competency in kids.

As a matter of fact, the only secret for kids to easily understand the way to trace digits from 0 to 9 is for them to focus on the green and red lights following a particular number’s path. More so, as far as digits 0 to 9 are concerned, there exist two types i.e. simple (1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9) and composite (4, 5) numbers.

When we begin the tracing training however, the tracing pattern will be based on which of the numbers is being traced.

Simple numbers:

Numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are very easy to focus and maintain its road direction, because it has only one main road, not two, to reach its final destination. Their training pattern requires just for a kid to;

  • First of all, hold his car, making sure it is in the position where the green light is found.
  • Secondly, from the green light, he should begin moving gradually with his car following the number’s path, or dotted white lines
  • Thirdly, with simple numbers, the movement has to continue unceasingly till where the red light is found. At the point of the red light, there is the word stop. Of course my dear, that’s exactly where you’ve got to stop.
  • As you stop, you then move on to continue your tracing training with the next number.

Composite numbers:

The two numbers 4 and 5 are termed composite, because there are two roads to follow before reaching its final point. They equally have two red lights in their tracing pattern. One red light without the word stop besides, and the other with the word stop.  Nonetheless, composite numbers are easily traced and have the same training technique as simple numbers. All the kids need do here is;

  1. Begin tracing with your toy car from the arrow beside of the green light.
  2. Continue moving following the dotted lines till where you have the first red light, i.e. the one without the word ‘stop’
  3. Now, lift up your hand with your toy car and move to begin tracing again from the yellow arrow
  4. This time, you trace from that green light, following the dotted yellow lines till where you have the final red light, and of course with the word stop at the corner.
  5. Holaaaa! You now stop and move on to continue the tracing training with the next number.

In our pre-k free printable numbers game, the training pattern has been made very easy for kids, considering the fact that each and every number has a directing arrow, indicating the starting point, followed by dotted lines, till the end. Moreover, the easy aspect of this game is coupled with the fact that every kid will be like: ‘‘hey, given each number to trace, I’ve got to begin from where the arrow is, then continue following the dotted line till the end, i.e. stop’’.

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