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Enjoy scoring goals: Play Pen alty Shootout Game

Wow! The most passionate game for kids is the pen alty shootout game. Football is in fact one of the best online games for kids. It is not only entertaining, but it’s also educational. Reasons being that it gives an enthusiastic and a good sportsmanship skill to every kid.

Even though the pen alty shootout game is a bit challenging, kids enjoy scoring goals: play pen alty shootout game. Here, kids are more cautious about kicking the ball with a lot of power and accuracy, so as to become a top scorer legends.


The little secret involved in the pen alty shootout online games for kids is just for kids to Swipe with their finger then release to shoot the ball to the pole.

Before performing this act, the child has to be certain that the goal keeper will not guess correctly and dive to the side of the goal into which he is trying to score.

As such, as kids are engaged in this game, they gradually begin to master the best tricks to use in order to enjoy scoring goals. Some of these tricks could be;

  • Is it preferable to try kicking towards the extremities of the goal frame? OR
  • To kick directly to the gold keeper’s position?

In effect, an idea of such tricks when playing the pen alty shootout game, builds a proper footballing skill in kids at their very young age.

Example - exciting pen alty shootout game – swipe to kick the ball

Hey kids, it’s time to play our exciting pen alty shootout game.

Firstly, as you click on PLAY, you’ll notice that there is the goalkeeper standing in the pole to SAVE the ball from entering. He must stand on the goal line without any movement, until the ball is kicked.  

Also, the ball is positioned at a pen alty mark, for you (the player) to take a single shot on the goal.

Ok, that said. For you then to successfully score all your goals, you need to;

  • Study exactly where the goalkeeper is standing, then determine at which angle you intend to kick the ball to.
  • Next, using the mouse, click and swipe to kick the ball directing it to where you intend to score the goal.
  • Finally, as the ball flies to the pole, its either you SCORE a goal, or it is being SAVED by the goalkeeper. Hey, be careful not to kick the ball too high for it will rather go OUT.

This is real fun.

As there are 15 shootouts, sure you’ll score all the goals, so as to have best scores more than any every other player.


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