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My Sweet Memory matching Game

My sweet memory game is a lovely and awesome game for kids and even adults. The interest of this game stems from the fact that it stimulates kid’s brains to work at its utmost best.

Apart from being entertaining and bringing about excitements, online games for kids have a great educational potential.

This involves developing a good retentive memory skill, which will go a long way to help kids in retaining every math concept, and above all throughout their academic years.


In addition to this, my sweet memory game helps to enhance kid’s visual memory and a perfect recognition skill.

That is why kids will in less than no time be able to distinguish two identical cards from multiple cards. It actually becomes so beneficial as it raises much confidence in kids, and as well motivate them with a feeling of immanent success.

My sweet memory matching game takes quite a certain level of concentration for kids to remember that “ah! - This particular card was at this position. However, a continues engagement in this game will builds an amazing concentration skill in which a child will hardly ever be distracted during any learning process.

Example - with sweet memories,match two identical cards

My sweet memory game is an interesting, easy and captivating game for kids.

As the game unfolds, you need to click on PLAY, to begin.

As cards are displaced all facing downward, you need to click on each card to take a turn.

At least, after turning a few cards, you must have mastered where each particular card is located.

Next, with sweet memories, match two identical cards.


Ooooops! Kidos, we are being timed oh. So I guess we need to be a little bit fast. Yes, I mean FAST.

So, you gotta work within the given time limit okay.


Can we all shout “huraaay” to my sweet memory matching game? It’s quite such an enjoyable tool.

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