Hero Shepherd printable counting cards for numbers up to 10 - Prekinders counting cards

Number recognition games 1-10

Immediately kids begin to recognize numbers, they tend to count any objects they see. For this reason, our hero shepherd printable counting cards for numbers up to 10 is a playful way to mold kids easily count and recognize numbers in words and figures.

Above all, in quantities too. Prekinders counting cards are numbered zero (0) to ten (10). Each number’s card in the number recognition games 1 – 10 has an equivalent number of sheep. So for a kid to become a hero shepherd, he should do well to have an understanding of the number of objects each figure represents.

How to take benefit of Hero Shepherd printable counting cards for numbers up to 10

Fun games are perfect tools for the development of kid’s learning process. Just like our fun prekinders counting cards, which will provide opportunities for kids to explore essential number concepts, such as counting sequence, one-to-one correspondence, number combination, place value and many more. All these are an adequate building block to success in math.

Deepen kid's math reasoning – engage in number recognition games 1 to 10

In order to deepen kid’s math reasoning, parents and teachers need to provide as many opportunities as possible to engage kids in our number recognition games 1 to 10.

Playing this game at all times, kids will discover and come across many math strategies. This however will embed in them an advanced strategic thinking skill. As earlier said, our number cards are very bright, with the number of sheep corresponding to its number figure per card.

Example – number recognition games 1 – 10 – fun and easy to play

Our number recognition games 1 – 10 are so fun and easy to play. It requires just one player, wherein he’ll simply need to be able to;

  • Recognize and logically arrange numbers in a counting sequence beginning from 0, to 1, to 2 and so on. This will greatly help kids to know the number that comes before or after another.
  • Note that the last counted number of sheep per card tells the number name of that particular card. Hence, greatly building the concept of “quantity” or “how many”.
  • Note the increase in the number of sheep by 1 after every card. As the number figure moves up orderly, so too is an additional one sheep. This idea builds a strong number sense and the +1 addition skill in kids, whereby they will easily know that a 6 and 1 gives 7.
  • Materialize their knowledge of numbers in words. Considering the fact that each card bears its figure and word number, it will be very easy for kids to identify all word numbers zero to ten anywhere and at any time. Definitely, be able to write numbers 0 1o 10 in words.

This is so interesting and moreover, educative. Just print a bundle of these beautiful cards for your kids and spur a love for early math concepts in them.

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