Free Preschool Math Worksheets PDF for Your Little Learners

These free preschool math worksheets in PDF format are perfect for parents and teachers looking to give their little learners a head start in math. From counting and number recognition to basic addition and subtraction, these worksheets cover a range of essential math concepts in a fun and engaging way. With engaging activities and colorful graphics, these worksheets will help your child develop important math skills while having fun. Download them now and watch your little one thrive!

  • Prekinders Math Made Easy: PDF Worksheets to Teach and Reinforce Essential Math Concepts

    Pre-K math activities are crucial for young children as they lay the foundation for future math skills. These activities help children develop their number sense, counting skills, and basic math concepts.

    By engaging in fun and outstanding math activities, children can develop a positive attitude toward math and build their confidence in the subject.

    Additionally, early exposure to math can help children perform better in school and their future careers. So, download these free preschool math worksheets in PDF format and give your little learners a head start in math today!

All Prekinders Math Worksheets by Category

  • Counting and Number Recognition Up to 20

    Counting is one of the first math skills that preschoolers learn. It helps them understand the concept of quantity and cardinality, which means knowing how many objects are in a set. Counting also helps them develop their oral language skills, as they learn to say the numbers in order.

    Number recognition is another essential skill for preschoolers. It helps them identify and name the symbols that represent the numbers. Number recognition also helps them develop their visual discrimination skills, as they learn to recognize the differences between similar-looking numbers.

    These worksheets will help your preschoolers practice counting and number recognition up to 20. They will count objects, match numbers to sets, trace and write numbers, color by number, and more!

    Shapes and Patterns Worksheets

    Shapes and patterns are math skills that help preschoolers understand the concept of geometry and algebra. Shapes are the basic forms of objects that have specific properties, such as sides, corners, curves, etc. Patterns are sequences of shapes or colors that repeat according to a rule or a logic.

    These worksheets will help your preschoolers practice shapes and patterns recognition and creation. They will identify and name common shapes, such as circle, square, triangle, rectangle, etc. They will also trace and draw shapes. They will complete and create patterns using shapes or colors.

  • Comparing and Ordering Worksheets

    Comparing and ordering are important math skills that help preschoolers understand the concept of measurement and size. Comparing means finding out how two or more objects are alike or different in some way, such as length, weight, height, etc. Ordering means arranging objects according to a certain rule or criterion, such as from smallest to largest, from lightest to heaviest, etc.

    These worksheets will help your preschoolers practice comparing and ordering objects by size, weight, length, height, quantity, etc. They will use words like bigger, smaller, heavier, lighter, longer, shorter, more, less, etc. They will also use symbols like >, <, and = to compare numbers.

    Positions Worksheets

    Knowing Positions is a math skill that helps preschoolers understand the concept of spatial awareness and direction. Position means knowing where an object is located in relation to another object or a reference point, such as above, below, beside, in front of, behind, etc.

    These worksheets will help your preschoolers practice position words and concepts. They will follow directions to place objects in different positions on a grid or a scene. They will also identify the position of objects in relation to other objects

Boost Your Prekinders' Math Skills with Fun and Engaging PDF Worksheets

Using our worksheets effectively will boost your Prekinders' math skills. Pre-K math activities are so important to them because while they practice, they access many benefits at the same time.

Some of the benefits of early math exposure are:

  • It builds a strong foundation for future math learning
  • It enhances cognitive development and brain function
  • It fosters creativity and problem-solving skills
  • It boosts confidence and self-esteem
  • It supports literacy and language development


Some of the key math skills that Prekinders could develop using these worksheets are:

  • Number sense: understanding the meaning of numbers and how they relate to each other
  • Spatial sense: understanding the properties and relationships of shapes and space
  • Logical thinking: understanding the rules and patterns of math
  • Measurement: understanding how to compare and quantify objects using different attributes
  • Data analysis: understanding how to collect, organize, represent, and interpret information


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Happy Learning for Your Little Learners!

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