Easy learning multiplication for kids

Best way to teach multiplication facts
Easy learning multiplication for kids

Are you hoping to make multiplication learning easy for your kids? If so, you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we'll share with you some of the best worksheets, games, times tables charts, memory cards, flashcards, and quizzes that you can use to teach your kids the basics of multiplication and make them love math.

Multiplication is one of the most important skills that kids need to master in elementary school. It helps them develop their number sense, problem-solving, and mental math abilities. It is also a building block for more advanced math concepts like fractions, division, algebra, etc.

But learning multiplication can also be challenging and boring for some kids, especially if they only rely on memorizing facts and doing drills. That's why we recommend using a variety of fun, engaging resources and activities that will make mastering multiplication facts interesting and easy for kids.

  • Understanding multiplication beyond memorizing multiplication facts

    Kids need to understand multiplication beyond memorizing multiplication facts in order to realize why and how the times table functions. So, as you engage in this resource, you'll realize that our activities go beyond memorizing or mastering multiplication facts, but also how it can be used and applied practically in real life.

    Nevertheless, there are many ways to make learning multiplication easy and enjoyable for your kids. By using these worksheets, games, timetables, memory cards, flashcards, and quizzes, you can help your kids master multiplication in no time. I hope you found this blog post helpful and informative. If you did, please share it with your friends and family, who might also benefit from it. We will provide you with more tips and tricks on how to teach math to your kids in an enjoyable way.

    Here below are some of the multiplication resources and activities that I use with my own kids and students:

    • Multiplication Worksheets

      Constant practice with multiplication worksheets helps kids to grasp multiplication facts and skills at their fingertips. These basic multiplication worksheets are structured in an organized way, enabling kids to finish each in just one sitting.

      They can also help kids review what they have learned and check their understanding. You can find tons of free and printable worksheets online that cover different topics, multiplication problems and levels of difficulty. Some of my favorite websites for worksheets are Math-Aids.com, Math-Drills.com, and SuperTeacherWorksheets.com.

    • Multiplication Games

      By simply following its rules, multiplication games are a fantastic way to make multiplication fun and interactive for your kids. These multiplication games are perfect for developing kid's strategic thinking, logic, and teamwork skills as it tells them exactly what to do.

      You can play games with your kids using cards, dice, dominoes, board games, or online games. Some of my favorite games for multiplication are Multiplication Bingo, Multiplication War, Multiplication Squares, and Multiplication Jeopardy.

    • Times Table Chart 1-12

      Placing your times table chart 1-12 on the wall randomly will encourage your kids to constantly look at them every day while noticing multiplication patterns and relationships between numbers. Hence, they will gradually memorize their basic multiplication facts from 1 to 12 without even realizing it or without using boring formulas.

      You can print out times table charts 1-12 from here or make your own using a grid paper and colored pencils. You can also use the times table chart as a reference when solving worksheets or playing games.

    • Memory Cards for Multiplication

      Add excitement to your math lessons with memory cards for multiplication that will help your kids remember the multiplication facts quickly. These multiplication memory cards are very easy to use. Thus, building your kid's concentration and enhancing memory skills.

      Add excitement to your math lessons with memory cards for multiplication that will help your kids remember the multiplication facts quickly. These multiplication memory cards are very easy to use. Thus, building your kid's concentration and enhancing memory skills.

    • Multiplication Flashcards

      Find a quick and accurate way to recall your multiplication facts by using multiplication flashcards. They are ideal for kids who want to boost their confidence and speed in multiplication facts and math. However, this engaging way of learning multiplication will offer an enjoyable experience to your kids.

      They can also help them boost their confidence and speed in math. You can buy flashcards from a store or make your own using index cards or paper cut into rectangles. Write a multiplication fact on one side and the answer on the other side. Then hold up a flashcard to your kid and ask them to say the answer as fast as they can.

Multiplication quizzes and tests are a great way to test your kids' knowledge and progress in multiplication. They can also help them prepare for exams and assessments. You can create your own quizzes using worksheets or online tools like Kahoot or Quizizz. You can also use quizzes as a fun challenge or competition for your kids.

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on Multiplication

    Here are twelve multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on multiplication for your kiddos. These questions will test their skills in multiplication for every level.

      1. Multiply: 5 x 7 =
        A) 25
        B) 28
        C) 35
        D) 42
      2. Multiply: 8 x 9 =
        A) 63
        B) 72
        C) 76
        D) 81
      3. Multiply: 3 x 19 =
        A) 47
        B) 57
        C) 59
        D) 54
      4. Multiply: 6 x 26 =
        A) 166
        B) 144
        C) 146
        D) 156
      1. Multiply: 12 x 74 =
        A) 908
        B) 888
        C) 788
        D) 808
      2. Multiply: 4 x 247 =
        A) 976
        B) 876
        C) 1016
        D) 986
      3. Multiply: 14 x 38 =
        A) 564
        B) 480
        C) 532
        D) 522
      4. Multiply: 28 x 79 =
        A) 2,332
        B) 2,121
        C) 2,212
        D) 2,122
      1. Multiply: 122 x 36 =
        A) 4,282
        B) 4,492
        C) 4,292
        D) 4,392
      2. Multiply: 364 x 578 =
        A) 210,392
        B) 201,392
        C) 203,192
        D) 209,392
      3. Multiply: 254 x 354 =
        A) 91,916
        B) 89,926
        C) 90,916
        D) 89,916
      4. Multiply: 687 x 942 =
        A) 637,154
        B) 647,154
        C) 673,154
        D) 657,154
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