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Basic concepts of geometry

Geometry Practice - Geometry worksheets Games Word Problems: Geometric measurement worksheets are inspirational tools that provide math learners with an innate understanding of properties of shapes, points, space, position and angles.

Learning these basic concepts of geometry greatly help in developing spatial reasoning and problem solving skills in kids.


Learn properties of solids shapes

In an exceptional way, our exercises; find perimeter, area, circumference, volume etc. will greatly build a fantastic geometry knowledge in kids, thereby preparing them for more advanced math concepts as well as great architects and designers in future.

Again, this geometry worksheet will help kids easily learn properties of solid shapes, and as such, will master shapes with parallel lines, opposite sides, diagonal lines, angles etc.

Visualize and understand geometry in a better way: Enhance spatial intelligence with geometric skills

Our outstanding measuring shapes activities will enable your kids to visualize and understand geometry in a better way.

In a more advanced way, they will enhance spatial reasoning with geometric skills as they physically locate the movement of objects from one end to the other.

For a better understanding, our geometric measurement worksheets consist of a wide variety of clear representations, making it easier for our young learners to better communicate about related objects. As such they will be showcasing their spatial reasoning skills.

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