Consumer Math Worksheets PDF with Answers - Basics of Business Math

Consumer math vocabulary

Quickly access our consumer math worksheets PDF with answers and apply excellent basic math skills in real life situations such as shopping, budgeting, calculating interest rates, taxes etc. Besides, kids early mastery of these basics of business math will exceptionally inspire them to be very cautious when taking financial decisions (spending, investing or saving money) in future. In a more interesting way, our consumer math vocabulary such as simple interest, coupon, unit prices, tax, budget etc. will greatly enhance math vocabulary skills in your little ones.

Real world math for smart kids - unit prices for consumer math

Our real world math for smart kids is a very useful tool for every growing kid. A perfect mastery of how to quickly calculate unit prices for consumer math will enable kids to easily overcome challenges and mistakes of costly purchase throughout their lives. Moreover, as exercises on our consumer math worksheets PDF with answers consist mostly of daily financial situations, kids will develop basic skills to better manage finances in future. Thus an excellent guide through various ways to achieve financial security and success in when they grow up.

Consumer math question examples

  • Anita want to buy a apair of shoes originally priced at $124.
    How much will she pay if the pair of shoes has a 70% off on sale?

  • Frederic bought a $24 vegetables marked "Save 25%" from the merchant.
    How much did Frederic pay for the vegetables?

  • Hamid read on the electronics section "Sale / 10%".
    How much should he pay for a $ 20 digital watch?
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