Decimal Practice - Decimal Worksheets Games Word Problems

Add, subtract, divide and multiply with decimals

Decimal Practice - Decimal worksheets Games Word Problems: Decimals place value exersices are a range of self- explanatory tools that will enable kids have an awesome understanding of how and where to position values other than whole numbers and less than one.


Decimals place value – Word names for decimal numbers

The decimal part of decimal numbers are usually placed after a “point”, referred to as the DECIMAL POINT (•).

This decimal point which is also the most important part in the decimal number, will help kids easily master positions word names for decimal numbers.

These decimal word names appearing progressively to the right of the decimal number include tenths, hundredths, thousandths etc.

Additionally, a remarkable thing about our decimals place value worksheets is its technical way of making kids know in an exciting way how to add, subtract, divide and multiply with decimals.

Importance of decimal values – easily describe continues quantities

The importance of decimal values do not only lie in math calculations, but equally in our daily lives.

As amounts of most measuring units intermediate between two whole numbers, it is therefore usually very important that we know how to write and as well easily describe continuous quantities of a whole.

For this reason, our many formulated exercises including changing fractions to decimals are a perfect drill to kids to acquire skills of specificity when it comes to measuring units of length, height etc. However, we use decimals in our daily lives when dealing with money.

This happens most especially when more exactness and accuracy is required, of a figure less than one.

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