Telling Time Practice - Telling Time Worksheets Games Word Problems

Reading a time: Comparing time from analogue and digital clocks

Compare and convert metric units

Telling time Practice - Telling time worksheets Games Word Problems: Our telling the time printable worksheets provide accurate time telling skills to every child. These skills will be very helpful to them all through their lives, for instance, your kids can now know when they are running late for an activity and when they have ample time to spare.


Time units activities

As time can be read either from the digital or analogue clock, we have formulated awesome exercises such as comparing time from analogue and digital clocks.

Aside from the clear visual displays of these two clocks with numerals, it is very important to know and recognize how they work.

In addition, our time telling worksheets equally consist of time units activities that will help your kids master time units from the smallest to the greatest, i.e. second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, century and millennium.

Exciting programming tool – understand units of time

Time value is the most important and exciting programming tool in each and everyone’s life. Consequently, it will be necessary for every child to be engaged in these telling the time printable worksheets, which through its many fun time and calendar exercises, kids will easily know and better understand units of time.

As a matter of fact, as little as kids may be, they will gain a very good organizational experience as they can clearly see the passage of time after every activity.

Moreover, as kids develop these structuring skills, they will gradually realize that all activities performed on time are usually fruitful.

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