Teaching Multiplication Concepts - Understanding Of Multiplication

What is multiplication?

Teaching Multiplication Concepts using models as goups or arrays, repeated additions, equal groups, number line. Understanding of Multiplication through games, quizzes, worksheets, memory cars, etc.

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Introducing Equal group models for multiplication expression

An amazing way to introduce and easily understand the concept of multiplication is by bringing in the idea of 'equal groups'.

Equal groups simply means that "groups that have the same number of equal items". They are a great way to introduce multiplication.

As a matter of fact, we are going to find here very excellent models on equal groups multiplication with basic explanations and exercises to perfectly understand multiplication concept.

Go through other teaching basic multiplication strategies gradually

After introducing how to teach multiplication with equal group models, we will see some additionnal strategies to explain the basics of multiplication.

You can start from 0 times table and 1 (read more tips here) then, give kids some period to practice with our understanding multiplication tests and worksheets.

The free printable multiplication worksheets are made up of models which contain counting and writing number of elements in equal groups, identifying and writing multiplication expression for both equal groups and arrays, writing multiplication expression for arrays.

Also, this worksheet will equally make kids to focus on repeated addition and multiplication for arrays.

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