Measurement Practice - Measurement worksheets Games Word Problems

Measurement units worksheets for kids – Estimation and measurement activities

Compare and convert metric units

Measurement Practice - Measurement worksheets Games Word Problems: Develop accurate standard and non-standard measurement skills through our measurement units worksheets for kids. In effect, this skill will also provide kids with a fantastic estimation experience which is very important in math and in our daily lives.

It is in this light that we have formulated very simple but challenging estimation and measurement activities that will enable kids know how to approximately estimate or measure lengths, volume, sizes, temperature, weight and mass of things.

By so doing, they will know the particular metric unit that can be used to measure any given object. In a more significant way, kids will equally learn how to adequately compare and convert metric units of measurements.


Discover best measurement skills - easily determine length, weight and distance

Engage interactively in our estimation and measurement activities and discover best measurement skills. These worksheets are made up of a great number of measurement exercises in all levels, gradually molding kids’ right from a tender age to easily determine length, weight and distance.

Futhermore, as kids strive to compare and convert metric units, they will tend to master very simple tricks or basic conversion rules. For instance;

  • When converting from a larger unit to a smaller unit, we multiply
  • When converting from a smaller unit to a larger unit, we divide

So far so good, PARENTS, you are called upon to instantly obtain our measurement units worksheets for kids and be proud of your child’s quick and proper mastery of these conversion tricks. This will of course help them to easily understand quantitative information and of course their physical world.

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