Addition Word Problems - Adding Single Digit Numbers

Addition Word Problems for single digit numbers

Addition word problems - Adding single digit Numbers : Addition word problems for single digit numbers will help kids to understand basic concept of addition in real-life. Several cases are given as word problems to enhance their ability to combine 1-digit numbers.

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More addition Word Problems for single digit numbers

  1. Mary is 6 years old. John, Mary’s elder brother is 3 years older than Mary.
    How old is John?

  2. I live with my junior sister in one room. I have 6 pair of shoes. My sister has just 4 pairs.
    How many pair of shoes are there in our room altogether?

  3. A cartoon contains 6 large eggs and 4 small eggs.
    How many eggs are there in the cartoon?

  4. When we were travelling for a tour to town last week, we were just 3 in number (mum, dad, and I).
    Suddenly, Uncle Charles, Aunty Rose and her 2 kids rushed to join us, so that we could travel together.
    Therefore, how many people travelled in all for the tour?

  5. This month so far, James has played three matches during the first match, he scored 3 goals, in the second match, he scored just 2 goals.
    During the third match, he scored only 1 good.
    So how many goals has he scored this month altogether?

  6. Before school resumes, Myra needs 2 math’s books, 1 English book, 1 French book and 3 extra books.
    How many books does Myra need in all?

  7. The talented artist from Ghana was surprised to see 6 other talented artist at the show.
    How many talented artists were there at the show?

  8. Kelvin has 3 pens, while Charles has 4 pens. After the end of course exams, Kelvin gives all his pens to Charles.
    How many pens does Charles have now?

  9. Helen always cut 1 orange into 4 slices. Yesterday she bought 3 oranges, and as usual, sliced, all of them into 4 slices each.
    How many slices of orange were there in all?

  10. Anybody that wore a dirty uniform yesterday was pulled out of class and punished. There were 5 boys and 4 girls.
    How many pupils wore dirty uniforms?
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