Teaching Preschoolers to Count to 20: Worksheets That Make Learning Fun

Teaching preschoolers to count can be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your kids/students. With these colorful and engaging worksheets, they will count to 20 in no time! These worksheets feature fun pictures and activities to keep your child engaged and excited about learning.

    • Start with the basics: numbers 1-10

      Before diving into counting to 20, it's important to ensure your preschooler understands numbers 1-10.

      Use our Preschool Counting to 10 worksheets focusing on each individual number, such as tracing the number, counting objects corresponding to the number, and writing the number. Once your child has a strong foundation in these numbers, they'll be ready to move on to counting higher numbers.

      You can also use flashcards, songs, books, or games to help them learn the names and order of the numbers up to 10. Ask them to count objects around them, such as toys, books, or spoons, and make sure they point to each object as they count and say the number out loud.

    • Use visual aids to help with counting

      Sometimes, preschoolers may get confused or lose track when they count. To help them stay focused and accurate, you can use visual aids such as number lines, charts, or counters.

      For example, you can draw a number line on a piece of paper and have your child use a marker or a sticker to mark each number as they count. You can also use counters such as beans, buttons, or coins to represent each number. Have your child place one counter on each number as they count.

      As they progress, you can introduce number charts or number lines to help them see the sequence of numbers and how they relate to each other.

      Remember to make it fun and engaging, and your child will be counting to 20 in no time!

    • Incorporate counting into everyday activities

      Counting doesn't have to be boring or tedious. You can make it fun and natural by incorporating it into your daily routine.

      For example, you can ask your child to count how many steps they take from the bedroom to the bathroom, how many plates they need to set the table, or how many minutes they have left before bedtime. You can also count together when you read stories, sing songs, or play games.

      This will help them see the practical application of counting and make it more meaningful to them. Plus, it's a great way to make learning fun and interactive!

    • Practice counting backwards from 10

      Once your preschooler has mastered counting to 20, challenge them to count backwards from 10. This will help them understand the concept of counting in reverse, strengthen their number sense, and prepare them for subtraction.

      You can start by counting backwards from 10 together with your child. Then, you can challenge them to count backwards by themselves. You can also use visual aids such as number lines or counters to help them see the numbers decreasing.

      You can make it more fun by adding some actions or sounds, such as clapping, having them jump backwards or walk backwards as they count down, or making animal noises. They'll be able to count backwards with ease!

    Introduce counting to 20 with fun worksheets

    Once your child is confident with counting to 10 and counting backwards from 10, you can introduce counting to 20. You can use MathSkills4Kids.com with its fun worksheets that have colorful pictures and engaging activities to help your child learn the numbers from 11 to 20.

    You can also use these worksheets to reinforce counting skills at home. Make it a game by timing kids as they count or having them count objects around the house. With these fun worksheets, your preschoolers will be well on their way to mastering counting to 20.

    Counting to 20 is an important milestone for preschoolers. By using these tips and ideas, you can help them learn to count in a fun and effective way. What do you waiting for? Download some free worksheets that make learning fun from our website.


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