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Math Skills for Kids is giving to provide Math training contents for different grades and ages. Your kids will enjoy learning with our funny free and premium Math for kids activities. Our Math for children resources are made of free printable math worksheets for Preschool, Kindergarten, First grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, Sixth grade, etc. also provide you with original lessons and interactive Math practice on various subjects such as reading and writing numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, measurement units, sorting, ordering and classifying, comparing, multiplication, decimals, place value, money math, division, exponents, ratio, percent, prime factorization, fractions, algebraic thinking, problem solving and estimation, integers, and geometry, etc.




Here are many Math skills organized into differents grades. Select the one you need and start practicing into the selected category. Exercises can come randomly or may be you'll prefer to let the difficulty increase gradually.

    • Numbers and counting up to 10

      • Learn to count to 10
      • Count to 10 with model
      • Represent numbers - up to 10
      • Tally mark - up to 10
    • Comparing

      • Are there enough?
      • More and Fewer
      • Compare groups of objects
      • Compare numbers
    • Skip counting

      • Learn to skip-count by twos
      • Skip-count by twos
      • Skip-count by five
      • Skip-count by tens
    • Addition

      • Add with model
      • Addition sentence
      • Make a number using addition
      • Simple addition word problems
    • Subtraction

      • Subtract with model
      • Subtraction sentence
      • Complete the subtraction sentence
      • Simple subtraction word problems
    • Money Math

      • Coin names
      • Coin value
      • Count money
      • Compare through groups of coins

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(More than 500 Kindergarten math exercices)

    • Understand addition

      • Add with pictures
      • Addition sentences
      • Addition sentences using number line
      • Adding zero to a number
    • Mixed operation

      • Add and subtract to make a number
      • Addition and subtraction facts
      • Add tens - Subtract tens
      • Addition and subtraction word problems
    • Data and graphs

      • Picture Graphs and tables
      • Interpret data
      • Interpret bar graphs
      • Choose the correct graphs
    • Measurement

      • Read a thermometer
      • Compare objects
      • Measure with inch ruler
      • Metric units of length
    • Fractions

      • Halves
      • Thirds
      • Fourths
      • Simple fractions
    • Time

      • Digital clock and times
      • Analog clock and time
      • A.M. or P.M. ?
      • Days of the week

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(More than 500 1st Grade math exercices)

    • Counting and number patterns

      • Skip-counting
      • Counting patterns
      • Hundreds chart
      • Number line
    • Names of numbers

      • Ordinary numbers
      • Writing numbers up to 100
      • Ordinal numbers
      • Roman numerals
    • Addition

      • Add multiples of 10 or 100
      • Addition with three-digit numbers
      • Complete the addition sentence
      • Write the addition sentence
    • Subtraction

      • Subtract multiples of 10 or 100
      • Subtraction with three-digit numbers
      • Complete the Subtraction sentence
      • Write the Subtraction sentence
    • Properties

      • Related addition facts
      • Related subtraction facts
      • Multiplication and division terms
      • Solve inequalities with add and subtract shortcut
    • Data and graphs

      • Interpret tally charts and tables
      • Create bar graphs
      • Interpret line plots
      • Create pictographs

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(More than 500 2nd Grade math exercices)

    • Place value

      • Place value names up to thousands
      • Value and digit position in a number
      • Convert between place values
      • Place value word problems
    • Understand multiplication

      • Count equal group
      • Identify multiplication expression
      • Repeated addition and multiplication
      • Make array to model multiplication
    • Multiplication training

      • Multiply by a multiple of ten
      • Multiply numbers ending in zeroes
      • Multiply three or more numbers
      • Box multiplication
    • Understand division

      • Divide by counting equal groups
      • Write division sentences for groups
      • Write division sentences for array
      • Relate multiplication and division for arrays
    • Division

      • Divide numbers ending in zeroes
      • Division word problems
      • Divide large numbers
      • Division rules
    • Money Math

      • Count coins and bills
      • Making change
      • Price lists
      • Add and subtract money amount word problems

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(More than 500 3rd Grade math exercices)

    • Numbers sense

      • Value of a digit
      • Place value names
      • Write numbers' word names
      • Even and odd
    • Addition and subtraction

      • Add and subtract up to millions
      • Fill the missing digit
      • Estimate sums and differences
      • Estimate sums and differences word problems
    • Data and graphs

      • Read a table
      • Create line graph
      • Frequency chart
      • Circle graphs
    • Units of measurement

      • Compare and convert metric unit of length
      • Compare and convert metric unit of volume
      • Compare and convert metric unit of weight
      • Convert metric mixed unit
    • Add and Subtract fraction

      • Decompose fraction into unit fraction
      • Addition of fractions
      • Subtraction of fractions
      • Compare sums and diffrerences of fractions
    • Geometric measurement

      • Primeter
      • Find the area of missing side length of a rectangle
      • Compare area and perimeter of figures
      • Volume

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(More than 500 4th Grade math exercices)

    • Addition and subtraction

      • Add and subtract numbers up to billions
      • Properties of addition
      • Extimate sums and diffrences
      • Extimate sums and diffrences word problems
    • Number theory

      • Prime and composite numbers
      • Prime factorization
      • Divisibility rules
      • Greatest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple
    • Decimals

      • Identify decimal numbers
      • Place value in decimal numbers
      • Decimal numbers line
      • Convert decimals to fractions
    • Mixed operations

      • Add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers
      • Write numerical expressions
      • Add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals
      • Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions
    • Ratio and rates

      • Determine the ratio
      • Identify equivalent ratios
      • Ratio table
      • Unit rates and equivalent rates
    • Symmetry and transformations

      • Line of symmetry
      • Which have a rotational symmetry
      • Figure transformations
      • Congruent and similar figures

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(More than 500 5th Grade math exercices)

    • Exponent and roots

      • Evaluate exponents
      • Exponent with decimal base
      • Understand negative exponent
      • Estimate square roots
    • Decimals

      • Word name for decimal numbers
      • Put decimal numbers in order
      • Round decimals
      • Decimal number line
    • Operation with integers

      • Add integers using counters
      • Subtract integers using counters
      • Multiply integers: Find the sign
      • Divide integers
    • Percents

      • Compare percents and fractions
      • Percents of numbers word problems
      • Percents of numbers and money
      • Find the percent of a number on another
    • Consumer math

      • Find the better coupon
      • Unit price with fraction and decimal
      • Sale prices
      • Simple interest
    • One variable equations

      • Write an equation from words
      • Write and solve equation that represent diagrams
      • Solve one and two-step equations

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(More than 500 6th Grade math exercices)

    • Math lessons for children

      Math lessons for children are designed for your kids to study math without any stress. Many video are provide to explain math basics and several principles.

    • Math printable

      Math printable are PDF worksheets that are intended to teach and educate the kids. It is made available for kids and designed in such a way they will easily handle it.

    • Math games for kids

      Math games for kids serve as a facilitator for kids to better understands math. They will enjoy playing games while improving their math skills.

    • Online practice

      Online interactive training will make math as easy as pie. That is to say the kids can just access math online interactive programs to study everyhere without stress.

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