10 times table quiz - Multiply by 10 test

10 times table test

The 10 times table quiz is a form of entertainment that gives joy to every kid. This is due to its simple and fast nature of arriving at the correct answer.
The alternative exercises in the multiply by 10 test gives children a way to always remember basic techniques used.

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What you need to know about 10 times table

The best and easy techniques to use here is to add a zero behind the number being multiplied by 10.

With this technique, you'll obtain correct answers in all your 10 times table test, within a twinkle of an eye.

Example - best technique for 10 times table test

Each test contains multiple answers for you to choose the correct answer corresponding to the given multiplication sentence.

Here, we'll use the best technique ever, to obtain the correct answer in just a second.


10 x 7 = ?

[ 71, 80, 70 ]

No stress here. Directly place a zero behind 7, thus 70.

10 x 7 = 70

Wow! This is marvelous.

I love to multiply by 10 again and again.

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