9 times table quiz - Multiply by 9 test

9 times table test

Online multiplication test and quizzes play a very important role in a child's learning process. The 9 times table quiz has randomly set questions and an order of answering.
Your kid will become apt, having to redo the multiply by 9 test which he/she might had poorly performed with, in class.

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What you need to know about 9 times table

There are several methods to use in arriving the correct answer in the 9 times table test.

However, it's preferable to stick on a very simple trick which will offer correct and very fast answers in the 9 times table quiz.

Example - tricks to obtain fast answers for multiply by 9 test

Given varied exercises, we are going to use a very simple trick to obtain fast answers for multiply by 9 test.

You will be allocated multiple answers to choose the correct answer for the given multiplication sentence.


9 x 4 = ?

Answer: [ 42, 36, 48 ]

A very easy trick to obtain a fast answer is;

  • Add a zero behind the number to be multiplied by 9 (4).
    Here we go 40

  • Subtract that number from the newly gotten result.
    Here we go 40 - 4 = 36

  • Therefore, 9 x 4 = 36.

Perfect! This is great.

I got it so fast, with no stress.

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