Multiply by 2 (practice) - Multiplying by two quiz

Free Multiplying by 2 Math Game

Have fun with the multiply by 2 (practice). Free multiplying by 2 math game does not have to be boring, for it's an animating tool for kids.

Learn how to multiply by 2 - Training activitiesMORE MULTIPLICATION FACTS

Multiplication Methods Activities

Multiplication by 2 self-corrected quiz

Help your kid practice progressive skip counting in 2s or could use any strategy in multiplying by two quiz.
It is super easy.

Quickly identify the correct answer and submit. Thereafter, click on next to continue with the game.

Multiplying by 2 training game

Example - quickly identify correct answers

Multiply 2 x 5 = ?

Choose the right answer [ 10, 5, 15 ]

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