Multiply by 3 (practice) - Multiplying by three quiz

Free Multiplying by 3 Math Game

Multiply by 3 (practice) is a fun and an encouraging way to practice advanced math. In the multiplying by three quiz, children will acquire extraordinary skills that will enable them solve most multiplication facts in an unstressful way.

This however gives them the urge to visit and revisit our free multiplying by 3 math game.

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Multiplication by 3 self-corrected quiz

Given the multiplying by three quiz, kids will use any 'one' of the multiplication methods to arrive at the right answer.

Example - multiplying by 3 math game

Multiply 3 x 7 = ?

Here, you can add 7 three times.

7 + 7 + 7 = 21

Choose the right answer. [ 14, 18, 21 ]

When you submit your answer, click on next and then you continue.

Good job! This game is really sweet.

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