Multiply by 4 (practice) - Multiplying by four quiz

Free Multiplying by 4 Math Game

Multiply by 4 (practice) makes play time for kids to be educational and entertaining. Engaging in multiplying by 4 quiz influences the practice of x4 times table in a random order.

Our free multiplying by 4 math game however, provides multiplication activities randomly to encourage kids have a high proficiency in the x4 times table.

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Multiplication Methods Activities

Multiply by 4 self-corrected quiz

A perfect mastery of multiplication methods makes children to solve multiplying by four quiz in a fast and more relaxed way. Thus, easily identifying correct answers.

Example - Identify correct answer easily

Multiply 4 x 6 = ?

Hey! Simply multiply 6 by 2 twice, then add. ( 12 + 12 )

Choose the right answer. [ 18, 20, 24 ]

Correct! Great job.

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