Multiply by 5 (practice) - Multiplying by five quiz

Free Multiplying by 5 Math Game

Get the most exciting online game by engaging in multiply by 5 (practice) or the multiplying by 5 quiz.
Our free multiplication math game is an empowering tool for kids, as they achieve success just in a twinkle of an eye.

It really becomes fun when it sticks into the child's mind that "yes, I have to add a zero, then cut into half".

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Multiplication by 5 selt-corrected quiz

Kids find multiplication very interesting when they earn positive results in all their quizzes, as the case in multiplying by 5 quiz.

Example: quickly pinpoint correct answer - multiplying by 5 quiz

Multiply 5 x 4 = ?

Ooops! You gotta add a zero behind 4 (40), then you cut it in half (20).

Choose the right answer [ 16, 25, 20 ]

Wow! You are so awesome.

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