Multiply by 7 (practice) - Multiplying by seven quiz

Free Multiplying by 7 Math Game

Make multiply by 7 (practice) fun and vibrant with our free multiplication by 7 math game. There is a genuine trick in multiplying by 7 quiz that helps to draw kid's attention to the twin nature of multiplication concept, where a x b is the same as b x a. This magnificent strategy however gives kids the passion to crave for further multiplication math skills.

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Multiplication by 7 self-corrected quiz

To get familiar with multiply by 7 (practice), when you see for example 7 x 4, think of 4 x 7. It will be so amazing to notice that its answers are the same, thus fun.

Example - multiplying by 7 game

Multiply 7 x 5 = ?

Choose the right answer. [ 25, 30, 35 ]

Huh. Think of 5 x 7.

Yep. Add zero to 7 (70), then cut it in half - half of 70 is 35.

Great job!

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