1 to 10 with objects - Counting objects to 10

Numbers to 10 counting test

One of the best ways for kids to easily learn how to count effectively is by counting 1 to 10 with objects. Objects, as concrete as they are, enables kids to see and touch while counting. To this effect, we have brightly colored counting objects 1 to 10 that will capture children’s attention in the counting concept.

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As kids point to each object, they’ll give it a number, beginning with 1, 2, 3, right up to 10. Where ever each object ends, the number allocated to that particular object definitely becomes the total number of those objects. 

Numbers 1 to 10 are considered natural numbers because they are the first numbers children need to learn in order to be great mathematicians in future. For this reason, we will give numbers 1 to 10 counting test to kids so as to deepen the importance and essence of counting in our daily lives, particularly in math.

Example – how many objects are there?

It is very easy to tell how many objects are there, given our brightly colored objects. Here, you will give each object a number while pointing, beginning from number 1.

Eheee! You have to remember that the last counted object names the total number of objects in that set.

Can we now count? ..... 1,   2,   3,   4,   5,   6,   7,   8,   9

Our last counted object is 9, so there are 9 objects there.

Very simple. So from the series of numbers below, we will now click on 9, which is our correct number.

count objects up to 10

Excellent. After clicking on 9, you then click on Next to continue with your interesting exercise.

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