Color matching games - Color sorting practice

Which brush has the same color with the picture ?

Color matching games are great educational tool for developing early math skills in kids, as it keeps the child's brain very sharp and active. This game however, consist of very simple techniques used to reinforce the concept of visual discrimination. Through the color sorting practice, the child is expected to pay attention to which brush has the same color with the picture?

There are brightly and beautifully designed images for kids, which will enable them to easily answer the question above. In addition, there are audio instructions that are going to guide them sort out the correct color appropriate for the given picture.

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Identify the image's color by selecting that color from the brushes

  • Hey! You've got to listen to the audio's question, asking you:
    "What color is the image ?" ehm, ehm, ehm ..still thinking!!!......


    Yeeeeh! It's a blue color.

    Once you figure out the image's color.

  • listen again to the next audio's instruction, now, telling you to:
    "Select the correct answer"


Eiy! Another simple exercise. There are actually 3 brushes with 3 different colors. One of the 3 brushes has the same color as the image above.

Which brush will that be?

Olalaaaa! Yes.

The correct answer is the blue brush, sine the color of the image above was also blue.

Great job. We now summit the answer, then click on "Next" or "Random" to continue enjoying our fun game.

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