Count objects up to 3 - Counting to 3 online game

Practice counting from 1 to 3

Math becomes extremely exciting to kids when they are able to count objects up to 3. Moreover, counting to 3 online game as interesting as it is, enhances kid's developmental thinking. Such a thinking manifests sharply wherein; when kids assign a number name to each object beginning from 1, then the last number used will definitely give the total number of items in that set.

As a result, this great knowledge in kids builds a skillful and an awesome foundation for learning advanced math concepts.

As we practice counting from 1 to 3, it suffices just for kids to be able to count 1, 2, 3, depending on the number of objects available or the last available item.

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Example - how many objects are there?

count up to 3

Wow! Kids, this one is so easy.

There's just one secret here. As you count, simple identify the last number of the objects.

So, having counted our candles, the last number is 3. This therefore means that there are 3 objects.

Yeeahhhhh! This is so excellent.

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