Count to 3 using ten frame - How to represent numbers up to 3 in ten frame

Ten frames activities: counting up to three

When kids count to 3 using ten frame, they tend to build an excellent mental math fluency. The ten frame, being a visual image, make kids to instantly see how many images are there, thus enabling them to become extremely flexible with 1 to 3 numbers than ever. This in essence helps to build a good knowledge of an accurate number sense skill.

Equally important, it is beneficial for kids to learn how to represent numbers up to 3 in ten frame. This is because as they visualize the number of objects in the frame, it gives them a deeper understanding of really what numbers are, definitely, a good base for success in higher-level math.

Moreover, in the practice of ten frames activities: counting up to three, we realize that kids do not only memorize the numbers but have the chance to work with them, making counting very easy.

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Example: how many objects are on the frame?

Wow! I just love this one. It is so easy to determine how many objects are there on the frame.

count up to 3 on ten frame

As we are versed with counting skill, we've just got to remember that the last object counted gives the total number of objects on the frame.

Let's begin counting from the first object, we have → 1     -     2     -     3.

Our last counted object on the frame is 3. Therefore there are 3 objects on the frame.

Yeah! Perfect.

We simply need to click on 3 directly below then ten frames, then continue enjoying our fun activities.

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