Counting 1 to 20 - Learning numbers 1-20 game

Learn how to count up to 20

A gradual process of constant counting practice enables a child to easily adapt counting 1 to 20. Learning numbers 1 – 20 game has a very good technical approach that can make kids easily learn how to count up to 20.

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Important facts about Counting numbers up to 20

All along from 0 (zero) to 9 (nine) are all ONE digit numbers not so? Good! As from 10, 11, 12 to 20 and above, are already TWO digit numbers.

The best way therefore for early learners to pronounce the two digit numbers such as 10, 11, 12 etc., is by counting respectively thus;

  • ...

The above method will not only help kids when counting, but will equally enable them when putting down the numbers in writing.

As kids engage themselves in our learning numbers 1-20 game they will not only have a high thinking strategy, but will equally have a great chance to develop a high capacity of number sense and integrity. Moreover, in learning numbers 1 – 20 game, kids will begin to put their counting skills to work.

This is so, because after counting a set of object, they will then assign the correct numerical value to that set, ranging from 1 to 20.

Example – how many candies are there in the jar?

Hmmm, as I earlier said, we are at this point putting our counting skills at work. We will determine the quantity of sets of objects, by counting, then assigning their correct numbers.

Now, to tell how many candies are there in the jar, you need to first of all;

Count all the candies in the jar, beginning from the first one. Ok. let’s count

count numbers up to 20

Secondly since our last counted candy is 20, we’ll then write 2 and 0 = 20 in the box below

- Wow! Excellent. This is so awesome.

As you write 20 in the box, immediately click on Random or Next to keep enjoying your exciting game.

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