Counting 1 to 5 exercises online - Learn counting up to 5

Counting to 5 activity

Online exercises are a stimuli to kid’s natural curiosity to learn. To this effect, our Counting 1 to 5 exercises online are an excellent medium to strengthen kids love for counting, considering its challenges in accomplishing given tasks.

Keeping in mind that the numbers 1 to 5 are very basic numbers, our 5 fingers are also an exceptional means for kids to easily learn counting up to 5. In addition, since numbers are the foundation of learning every concept in math, it is very important for kids to begin learning how to count at this very early age.

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More interesting facts about counting 1 t0 5 exercises

Each activity in our counting to 5 activity comes with a clear and well formulated example, preceded by an exercise, which all together will create an awesome bond between kids and numbers.

This bond is relevant to the fact that, kids actually virtualize clearly the relationship between each number and its quantity (how many). Again, in our counting 1 to 5 exercises online, the exercises will draw kid’s attention not only to counting, but also to recognizing and comparing numbers.

Example - How many objects are there

Our table example has made the exercise how many objects are there?

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Very easy for us to understand. To arrive at a concrete answer, consider the following tips

  • We begin by observing the table example very keenly. Here, we notice that each number be it 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 bears its quantity directly below it, in their columns. Good.
  • Secondly, we move down to our question “how many objects are there?” Here, we observe and count the objects (1, 2, 3). The last counted item determines the number of objects.

“Yeah! My last counted item is 3”

  • Lastly, we move up to the table example to confirm our answer. Here, you try to find out:

“Which fingers have an equal correspondence to the objects below?”

 “Hey! I got it. The circled fingers are equal to the number of cars”

Thus, following the column of these particular fingers up to the top, we will find the number 3. Bravooo!

Hence, we now click on 3, summit, then Next to continue enjoying our fun exercise.

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